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Test support services

The market for launching small satellites is expanding, and the demand for developed rocket technology is increasing. There is a need to test and develop reusable rockets, which so far has not been possible in Europe.

An upgrade and modernization of Esrange are currently ongoing. SSC has together with the Swedish government invested in a testbed for the development of in-demand technologies, which includes reusable launch technology for small and large rockets, more environmentally friendly engines, test flights, and satellite technology. It will also be possible to use the facility to demonstrate new components for space applications.


Service levels

SSC offers different service levels depending on your requirements.

We can provide you with support services for:
  • Engine and stage development and tests
  • Stage development and tests
  • Exploration vehicle and system tests
  • Reusability testing for launchers
  • Sounding rocket test launch

We can provide
  • Facilities for test firing of solid and liquid rocket motors, vertical or horizontal position
  • Facilities for tests of reusable sounding rocket motors, reusable first stages, tethered tests, jump-tests and controlled landings of reusable sounding rockets, boosters and first stage engines
  • Facilities for tests of exploration vehicles and systems
  • Sounding rocket test launches
  • Customized installations
  • Consumables
  • Campaign operation services; campaign operation project management, range-, flight- and ground safety, test, launch and flight operations, recovery
  • Ground facilities
  • Post-test activities

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Executive Vice President of Business Development, Science Services

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