SSC’s complete range of stratospheric balloon services includes payload design and manufacturing, service systems, balloon systems, launch services, flight operations and recovery. We offer complete missions of atmospheric research, astronomy or any other scientific missions as well as technical tests of re-entry capsules and unmanned vehicles.

Our offer include balloons capable of lifting payloads of several tons to altitudes over 40 kilometers and flight times of more than two weeks. The launches regularly take place from SSC’s launching facility, Esrange Space Center, which has many advantages thanks to its geographical location.

During summer season, long-duration trans-Atlantic flights westwards from Sweden to North America, or even circumpolar flights, are performed. During winter season, flights eastwards are performed and in spring and autumn it is possible to perform one- to two-day local or regional flights in what is called “turn-around” conditions.

SSC’s experienced engineers can also carry out launch services from other launch facilities if required


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