Services for network operators and media outlets

SSC provides permanent and occasional teleport and media services that are independent of platforms, operators and other providers.

SSC’s Stockholm Teleport facility provides technically qualified services for network operators and media outlets. Through different modes of data communication, we offer fast, reliable and secure transfer of data using high-speed links to customers all over the world. The transmission can be made through a variety of channels: optical fiber, radio link, coaxial or Ethernet.


Teleport services

We provide single two-way communication services as well as complete solutions adapted to each customer’s needs, be it temporary or permanent connections. Our services include support all the way from requirement analysis to operations and field service. We support in network design and hardware definition as well as in satellite transponder booking, license and financing.

Media services

Stockholm Teleport also serves as a gateway that provides contribution and distribution services for both permanent and occasional use, regardless of platforms and formats. We assist in transmitting signals from ground stations and vehicles to satellites in orbit. Communicating with commercial satellites and using our terrestrial network, we can send and receive a substantial number of broadcasting channels. Signals are reformatted and forwarded following customer requirements.

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