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As a complement to our global ground station network, SSC provides customers with ground systems consulting and mission engineering services to support a wide range of missions and applications.


Full support for your mission

With specific expertise in mission development, especially related to ground segment systems, our staff works closely with the satellite owner and developer to ensure cost-effective ground operations throughout the mission life-cycle.

Our engineers are adept at supporting projects from the earliest stages of development to produce an efficient ground segment architecture and design.

Ground Segment Solutions

We cooperate with the customer in designing the ground segment, selecting ground network sites, assessing the ground station architecture and producing comparisons between different options and approaches. This effort is supported by an extensive simulation and modeling capability that includes mathematical modeling and visualization to support decision-making for key ground segment elements.

Our Experties Areas

We provide excellent support in the following areas

  • Expert engineering and development services
  • Ground system architecture and design
  • Modeling and simulations for coverage analysis
  • Analysis of alternative ground system approaches
  • Ground services for both local and global operations
  • Complement to our global ground station network

On-Site Support

SSC also provides experienced expertise for on-site support.
These services are provided by Engineering Services.


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