Global connectivity for reliable lunar missions

SSC provides Lunar Services to LRO, NASA, ISRO, SpaceIL, and all the way back to the Apollo program.

Availability, Performance and Support

SSC offers precise orbital determination from launch to the lunar surface. We utilize a network with 13 m antennas that give unrivaled data speed connecting unparalleled data rates back and forward to the Moon.

The SSC support team is based on experienced SSC personnel with expertise from many years of lunar service support that saved many missions.

The SSC Ground Station Network is designed for a high availability in a multi-mission concept. This allows SSC to provide a minimum of service availability of 99.8 percent.

The SSC Ground Station Network is also made with a high level of redundancy and diversity that provides a minimum of 99,5 percent of service performance.

SSC offers service from 5 kbps to 80 Mbps in S, X, and Ka band using a global network of large aperture antennas for lunar distances.

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SSC's "Mr Moon" about the lunar missions

Many still look up at the Moon with wonder and curiosity. One of them is the "Mr Moon" of SSC, lunar expert Sam Peterson who is an active member of this rapidly developing industry. 

"SSC is continuing to innovate to meet the changing requirements for the next generation of lunar missions. There are many programs that will be taking off in the coming years including the lunar gateway."

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