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Balloon launch

Launch of a stratospheric balloon at Esrange Space Center

Antenna Esrange

Antenna at Esrange Space Center

DSEND drop test

D-SEND drop test at Esrange Space Center in August 2013. Photo: Hans-Olov Utsi

Antennas Australia

Antennas in Australia, Western Australia Space Center

Esrange View

View of Esrange Space Center with office area in the front and the rocket launch in the background. 

MAXUS launch

Launch of MAXUS 9 rocket from Esrange Space Center on 7 April 2017. Photo: Marcus Lindh

Cryofenix launch

Launch of CRYOFENIX rocket from Esrange Space Center in 2015. Photo: Anders Åberg

CEO Stefan Gardefjord

CEO Stefan Gardefjord

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