New SSC office in UK

May 2, 2019
New SSC office in UK

2 May, 2019

The Swedish Space Corporation is pleased to announce the opening of our new UK office, SSC Space UK, based at Cody Technology Park, Farnborough. We are also really pleased to welcome Shahida Barick, as UK Business Director.

“Having worked at Airbus, the European Space Agency, Viasat UK and Effective Space UK, Shahida brings with her over two decades of experience in commercial, military, navigation and exploratory space programs. We are looking forward to participating in the UK space sector in the expanding field of providing satellite operations as a service”, says John Stuart, Managing Director SSC UK Ltd, announcing the new UK activity.

Shahida adds, “ I am very excited about the challenge SSC is giving me, to develop and grow its UK subsidiary. It is a great honor. We aim to work closely with both UK commercial and military space sectors to identify and grow key UK space services in collaboration with industry and government. For me, personally, I want to be right at the forefront contributing and helping to grow one of the top space sectors in the world”.

Welcome to SSC Shahida Barick.


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