Sara Melloni

"I help Earth benefit from space by contributing to the success of science missions and helping the scientific community to broaden the knowledge about our Solar System." 

Sara Melloni began at SSC 8 years ago as a LEOP AOCS Spacecraft Operations Engineer (SOE). Today, she is working as a Spacecraft Operations Engineer (SOE) for ExoMars RSP mission.

What do you do at SSC?
I provide engineering service to the European Space Agency at the European Space Operations Centre, being a member of the Flight Control Team for the next mission to Mars: ExoMars Rover and Surface Platform.

Why did you start working at SSC?
I used to work for Space Studies and wanted to explore the space Operations field. Very soon, I realized that SSC was at the forefront of the companies providing operations engineering services to the Space Agencies. So I decided to approach the service manager at SSC to find out what opportunities there was for me to work in operations. Just as quickly, I also realized how professional and kind the personnel was, which confirmed the good choice.

What makes you passionate about your daily work?
The continuous learning and the direct contact with the spacecraft architecture and functions.

How would you describe SSC as an employer?
Professional and caring of the employees‘ satisfaction.

What would be your future dream project?
I love to work in spacecraft operations, but i'd also enjoy taking part in any of the other space mission phases, for personal challenge and enrichment as well as to contribute with an operations point of view to the design of a mission.

What progress have you made while working for SSC?
I have learned everything I know about Space Operations. 

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