Filipa Correia

"I help Earth benefit from space by contributing for technologies such as the European GNSS. Its enhanced positioning capabilities make our life on the road easier and promote a more efficient way of transportation, which in turn helps on the greenhouse gas emissions reduction."

What do you do at SSC?
My main role at SSC is to monitor and control constellation spacecraft. This means: execution of daily standard procedures and other planned activities that ensure and maintain the constellation in a healthy status, or that detect that something may not be nominal.

Why did you start working at SSC?
I have always been in love with all kind of flying craft and the idea of freedom and going beyond borders that they convey. Before SSC I worked as an aircraft engineer but my eager for the space field was also there. Some of my university friends were already working in this area, some of them at SSC. In fact, I received very good feedback about their work. So one day, when I was told that there were several opportunities to join SSC, I just took the chance without thinking twice.

What sort of projects are you working on now?
Besides being a spacon (short for spacecraft controller) I am also part of the training team helping them with the management, update and creation of training material. This is very important because this is not only the main source of study material for the mission certification, but also a way to ensure good periodic refresh training for certified team members.

What makes you passionate about your daily work?
This may sound childish but every time I enter the control room I feel like I am in a movie. I feel the responsibility and eager of taking part in something with such a global impact and in which so many people are involved.

How would you describe SSC as an employer?
SSC was the first company I joined where everyone was happy and giving a good feedback about everything. I think that says it all: SCC is a company that listens and cares about its employees and gives them opportunities to grow.

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