System IV&V / RF Engineer (m/f/d)


To support the activities of our service team for our customer EUMETSAT, we are currently seeking to employ a highly motivated and enthusiastic


System IV&V Engineer or RF Engineer (m/f/d)


Start Date: May 2022

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

Requirement: EU citizenship

Deadline for applications: 10th of December 2021


Our service team supports the preparation and execution phase of the European Polar System Second Generation (Metop-SG). The launch of Metop-SG A is planned for 2024 followed by the second satellite (Metop-SG B) in 2025. The service team’s responsibilities are taking care of (1) all system requirements specification and verification, (2) RF-compatibility tests and IOT as well as (3) system test (tools). The job can be executed remotely for the most parts.


 Tasks and responsibilities:

(1) For system requirements specification and verification:

  • Creation and maintenance of the EPS-SG IVV system data circulation test procedures and execution of the System Data Circulation tests (in coordination with the EPS-SG IVV manager for the overall planning and rest of IVV activities)
  • Provision of training to all service members
  • Coordination of the System Data Circulation tests (this includes coordination with external entities (ie. partners and industry) as well as EUMETSAT teams
  • consolidation of the test results, generation of test reports and performance of the necessary analysis
  • Support for the maintenance of the EPS-SG Space-to-Ground Interface Requirements Document (SGIRD)
  • Maintenance (method, level, phase, etc.) of the verification of the SRD, OGSRD, SEIRD and ETRD Verification Control Matrices (VCM) in DOORS
  • Analysis of sub-System level VCMs and associated documentation
  • Assessment, collection and tracking of results of verification activities
  • Preparation of verification control documents for the SRD, OGSRD, SEIRD and ETRD
  • Coordinate and support the Verification Control Boards
  • Contribution to the in-house development and validation of test tools and their maintenance
  • Contribution to the acceptance of test tools / test data provided by industry (such as ESA, CNES, DLR)

(2) For RF-compatibility test and IOT:

  • Maintenance of the relevant documentation, such as test plan and test procedures for testing of space-to-ground RF interfaces
  • Execution of the relevant test procedures and consolidation of the test results and generation of test reports
  • Maintain the schedule for the test activities
  • Support for the coordination of test activities with partners
  • Performing reviews of technical documentation provided by Metop-SG industry and by EPS-SG ground segment industry
  • Coordination of shipments of test tools (such as RF suitcase) to the ground station, execution of the planned tests, analysis of the results and preparation of test reports (if occurring during the period of the consultancy)
  • Lead the activities related to the Space-to-Ground and Ground-to-Space radio frequency link budgets computation
  • Assess propagation impairments, including models for its estimation
  • Compute the Effective Radiated Power

(3) For system test:

  • Maintenance of Interface Requirements Documents / Interface Control Documents for these RFSCs and IOT test tools
  • Lead and coordination of maintenance of RFSCs & RF IOT tools and review relevant technical documents



In general:

  • University degree (or equivalent) in a relevant discipline
  • Ability to fulfil the assigned tasks with a minimum of supervision and have a systematic approach to work
  • Ability to plan his/her work, considering tight schedules and multiple tasks
  • Knowledge of the Configuration Control processes and tools (see below)
  • Willing to work in a team of engineers and in cooperation with industry and partner agencies
  • Good communication skills (verbal and written)
  • Fluency in English, both written and spoken
  • Familiarity with the ECSS standards

Necessary competences for system requirements specification and verification:

  • Proven and demonstrated experience in the verification and validation of large complex systems, and experience with on-ground processing of data from satellite instruments for Earth observation
  • Hands-on involvement in V&V activities including generation of test plan, test specification, procedures and test reports for end-to-end processing chains
  • Hands-on involvement in data circulation IVV activities including generation of test plan, test specification, procedures and test reports for end-to-end processing chains
  • Hands-on experience with the preparation of test documentation (test plans, specifications, procedures and reports)
  • System requirements management and functional/architectural modelling, with support of tools (e.g. DOORS)
  • Good skills in Python and/or Java
  • Working with UNIX and Linux operating systems (e.g. shell scripting)

Necessary competences for RF-Compatibility Tests & IOT:

  • Proven and demonstrated hands-on involvement in RF testing of space-to-ground interfaces at satellite and/or ground station level
  • Involvement in the preparation and execution of tests at remote sites
  • Involvement in RF design related to space-to-ground interfaces at satellite and/or ground station level
  • Expertise in Ka-band link design or testing
  • Experience in other areas of IVV, such as Satellite System Validation Tests (i.e. validation of end-to-end TM/TC chains and of spacecraft operational procedures)
  • Familiarity with procurement, installation, use and maintenance of relevant test equipment, such as RF suitcases



  • International and innovative environment
  • Fascinating missions and projects in the area of satellite operations
  • Permanent employment contract
  • Competitive salary
  • Remote work
  • Bonus scheme
  • Deferred compensation scheme
  • New office space
  • Open door policy
  • ISO 9001-certified workplace
  • Career opportunities
  • Relocation support
  • 30 days paid vacation
  • Company doctor
  • Sponsored gym program “Qualitrain”
  • Bike lease program “Jobrad”
  • Educational training program
  • Company events



In line with security requirements of the mission, the candidate must hold an EU citizenship and will undergo stringent reference and identity checks. Documented evidence of eligibility will be required from candidates as part of the recruitment process.


How to apply:

Are you looking for a challenging position in a very interesting, international environment? Then please apply online via our website. Please upload your CV and a Cover letter.



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