Establishment Project Manager


At SSC, Swedish Space Corporation, we enable our customers to make better use of Space. One of the core services is to provide communication for the Space to Ground Segment, for spacecraft around the Earth and beyond. These services are performed from a global network of SSC stations and partner stations, enabling our customers to rely on us and our services as an integral part in their systems. The area of satellite communication is growing with a high level of inclusion of new technology from other domains, as well as a high level of innovation.




Description of the division/staff function and department


The Satellite Management Services (SaMS) division of the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) provides a complete portfolio of ground segment services to support space missions.

Our vision is to provide best-in-class satellite management services to the global space community from mission idea to operational end-of-life.

SaMS's primary customer base includes the world's satellite manufacturers, owners and operators, as well as organizations involved in a wide variety of satellite applications.

Our customers perform a plethora of space applications including scientific investigation of space, earth observation and resource monitoring, telecommunications and broadband internet, disaster monitoring and recovery, national defense and geopolitical monitoring and observation.



Position’s purpose and content

As Project Manager, you have responsibility for planning and successful implementation of a ground systems establishment project for a large satellite constellation.

You will lead a team from various departments within SSC to ensure you have all necessary competencies to complete the job

Projects are run in a matrix environment



Principal work assignments and tasks


The work as Project Manager means you will lead all efforts related to the acquisition and implementation ground stations sites over the course of the project life

Main tasks of Program Manager are:

  1. Accountability for project execution
  • Planning, coordination (internal and external), and execution of project
  • Initiate actions across the organization when time/cost scope are not in alignment with project assumptions
  • Customer communication as required to be successful on the project
  1. Budgeting and forecasting of project
  2. Escalation management



The position requires project leadership, coordination and planning. Experience and understanding of overall project management and subcontractor management is essential to the role, and you are accustomed to meeting top decision-makers at organizations in both the public and private sectors.

Your experience, agility and openness to learn together with your ability to communicate and build internal and external networks will be critical to your success


Education and skills:


  • 2-5- years in Project management, Project design development or Project finance role
  • University degree, e.g. Engineering, Science or Economy/Business
  • An MBA is an advantage
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Excellent Excel and PowerPoint skills
  • Experience with engineering principles, processes and construction management
  • Strong comprehension of architectural/engineering/survey plans and specifications
  • Experience in managing project team hours and implementation costs and budget on complicated multi-dimensional projects
    • Fluent in a project management software tool (MS Project, Excel, Smartsheets)
  • Ability to seek out and engage/negotiate with General and Sub-Contractors
    • Ability to seek out and work with architectural/engineering firms for plan and design
  • Ability to work with regulatory authorities, which may include:
  • Non-US governmental authorities, as required for non-US locations
  • Local building authorities, applications, etc.
  • Land use hearings. Preparation and oral presentation of plan
  • Water and watershed authorities
  • Fish and Wildlife authorities
  • FAA (or other civil air authorities, if not in the US) (for sites near an airport)
  • Be able to travel (within the US and internationally) as needed


Personal qualities:


  • Proven leadership skills
  • Documented project management skills
  • Ability to manage long-term customer relationships
  • Good negotiating skills
  • In-depth technical understanding and strong problem-solving ability

Self-motivational qualities, able to work without supervision





Authority/Powers and Freedom of action:

  • Your ability to act will be defined in the Document Delegation of Authorities within the SSC group as delegated by the Head of Service Delivery Operations
  • In critical situations, you are encouraged to make a decision and take necessary risks, when needed escalate to your manager or someone with a more senior rank than yourself, so as to resolve any critical situation.

Extent and scope:

  • The extent is depending on the complexity of the Business Case and the ongoing operations.

Large financial impact, the work requires good knowledge of current work processes.



Managerial responsibilities

Number of subordinates, direct or indirect:

No direct subordinates, but you will lead your colleagues indirectly in project teams, as a team-leader and a role-model.


Contacts/Cooperative needs


Interaction with internal customers on a daily basis. Both within the Americas region and beyond.

You will have a number of external contacts, with customer representatives from all levels of the customer organization.

You will be required to act with initiative and confidence during meetings and in formal settings.  You will also have interaction with representatives from all parts of the SSC group, and very frequently with colleagues outside of SaMS.

In the Satellite Management Division, there will also be special projects launched in order to strengthen and improve the organization. Therefore, a closer corporation with external organizations, the Finance unit, the legal department and other divisions within SSC will be required.

The ability to learn new material, to understand other corporate activities, and to create inventive solutions to recently formulated problems will be required.


Working conditions

Physical environment:

  • The main work is performed in an office environment
  • Occasional meetings at customer and vendor facilities.
  • Site inspections during project construction and acceptance testing will be required.
  • Frequent travelling may be required

Physical exertion:

  • Self-motivated, a high level of initiative and a strong drive is needed, in combination with a strong sense of responsibility and a sound judgement.
  • Travelling will occur in the evenings or early mornings and sometimes during weekends.

Mental strain/stress:

  • The work environment will at times be stressful and intense.
  • You will be required to encourage and motivate your colleagues, also when the workload is difficult.



Swedish Space Corporation (SSC) is a leading global provider of advanced space services with more than fifty years of experience. Since our start pioneering scientific rocket launches in northern Sweden, we have grown into a renowned, full-service supplier of state-of-the-art space engineering, satellite and launch services to commercial and institutional customers worldwide.