Author: Mattias Forsberg

Student rocket SERA-4 successfully launched

05:05 am . May 31, 2023

The SERA-4 launch campaign is hosted by the French Space Agency CNES and is part of the Perseus project. SERA-4 is the last one to be launched in the student rocket development project. Technically it is a smaller rocket, using[...]

Successful launch for microgravity research rocket

12:05 pm . May 23, 2023

On Monday 22 May at 07:00, the MAPHEUS-13 rocket was successfully launched from the Esrange Space Center outside Kiruna. The launch as well as the four experiments on board could be carried out as planned.

New altitude record for student-built hybrid rocket

13:04 pm . April 20, 2023

At 11:05 CEST on April 18th the first rocket of two in the STERN – HyEnD N2ORTH campaign was successfully launched from Esrange Space Center. The rocket reached an altitude of 64 km which is a new record for student-built[...]