Santiago Satellite Station

33º,08"South, 70º,40"West

Santiago Satellite Station

Antennas and broadbands

The Santiago Satellite Station has three TT&C antennas, operating in S-Band up and downlink. All of these antennas interface with the operations building, where the receiving, processing, recording and monitoring systems are located. Operations are remotely controlled from the Network Management Center in Kiruna, Sweden, on a 24/7 basis.

The station hosts antennas and base band equipment from foreign organizations and has plenty of room for additional similar systems.


The Santiago Satellite Station is located north of Santiago in the Metropolitan Region of Chile, at 33º 08" South latitude, 70º 40" West longitude. The altitude of the site is 723.4 meters above sea level. The facility occupies an area of 100 hectares surrounded by the foothills of the Andes that provide natural protection against man-made electromagnetic interference.


The station area has a mild, Mediterranean-type climate. The average winter temperatures are between 3.3º and 15.6ºC, and during summer they are 12.6º to 29.3ºC. The average yearly rainfall is 358.1 mm and nearly all of the precipitation occurs during the winter months, June through September. The 07:30 hours local time yearly average relative humidity is 84%, and the 14:30 hours figure is 49%. Winds typically range from 5 to 12 knots.


The Santiago International Airport is 44 km south west of the station. It is served by several international carriers and all major car hire firms have offices at the airport and in downtown Santiago.

The Santiago Satellite Station is located 38 km north west of Santiago and is connected with the city via highway. 


Santiago Satellite Station

Contacts - Satellite Management Services

Leif Österbo
Satellite Management Services
Tel. +46 8 627 64 10

Dan White
Executive Vice President Americas
Tel. +1 310 721-2294

Mats Tyni
Executive Vice President Europe,
Middle East, Africa
Tel. +46 980 7 2177

Rafael Kargren
Executive Vice President Asia, Pacific
Tel. +852 3184 0372