Science Services

Rockets and balloons

We design sounding rocket vehicles and provide excellent launching facilities. SSC has designed more than sixty sounding rocket vehicles since the early 1970’s and provided services to scientists and space organizations worldwide.

Development and design

We analyze the trajectory, calculate the loads on the vehicle and its stability. We also design some structural parts of the vehicle, like interstage adapters and nose cones.

We build service modules with telemetry, telecommand and support devices for science experiments.

We offer a high-speed data-link, specially designed for transferring data across long distance for high altitude balloons and a new system for measuring of winds before rocket launches. 

Development of balloon systems started much later and is now growing as SSC engagement in balloon activities is growing.

Excellent launching facilities

We provide launch services for most types of sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons from Esrange Space Center. We at SSC can offer you advantages that are hard to beat

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Science Services

Science Services-contacts

Lennart Poromaa
Tel. +46 980 720 59

Mattias Abrahamsson
Director, Business Development
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