Customer Training and Simulations.

On-site customised and flexible training.

When providing training to third parties, it is of the utmost importance to listen to the customer's requirements and to continuously reflect needs and expectations and adapt the training content and objectives accordingly. LSE Space instructors are skilled to do this and can provide customised training courses covering various degrees of complexity.

Tailored training courses.
Originating from the internal training and certification processes we undertake for our own operations teams, LSE Space offers tailored training courses in all aspects of satellite operations. With more than twenty years of experience in the field of satellite operations we can be a key partner in providing this support. Training services undertaken to date include militar, commercial and public sectors. our key advantage is that the training we deliver is based on actual satellite and systems operations experience so we can include real wolrld scenarios in the training and create a realistic context for the students.

Real life contents.
Key elements to our training strategy include tailored training, flexibility during training, subject matter orientation, audience participation and hand on excercises. Day-by-day, our trainers take into account the feedback received from the trainees in order to adapt delivery and content to suit the audience. Our core business is satellite and ground segment operations so our courses are enhanced with real life content in the perspective of their task. Our courses are punctuated with concrete cases which are often from the personal experience of our trainers. Our training is structured to stimulate and involve the audience using discussions on specific points or questions which require the trainees to solve problems.

LSE Space staff are active as simulations officers for manned and unmanned missions where they take the role of managing and driving real "nominal" and "off nominal" or contingency situations in satellite operations together with full operations teams in a control room environment.

In recent years, LSE Space has provided training to many customers and projects including Yahsat, ATSB®, and GISTDA.

Internal training.
Being an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, we are committed to train/re-train and certify/re-certify our own staff, too. Thus our instructors are continuously developing and improving appropriate training courses and the related tools for presentations, on-the-job-training and relevant tests.
The goal of all training and certification efforts is to provide highly qualified staff to our customers and to make sure they are always up to date and comfortable with the latest technical development, both in space and ground environments.


Customer Training and Simulations.

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