CDIC-3 houses the CHYPIE-MARCHE experiment, of PI Dr A De Wit of ULB, Bruxelles. Directly involved in the experiment exploitation are Pr. M Hauser of Uni Magdenburg and Pr. D Horváth of Uni Szeged. 

CHYPIE-MARCHE is a fluid experiment where a chemical reaction is triggered in a homogeneous fluid mixture (arsenous-acid-iodate) by a short electronic pulse, which results in a chemical front propagation in the fluid cell containers.

The cells contain 10 ml and 5 ml of fluid and are illuminated by laser and LED light and observed trough  a Fourier-transform optical system by four high-resolution cameras.

The images are stored on-board, but also transmitted to ground in compressed format, as the automatic fillings of the cells have to be completed by manual filling commands by the science team members.


Photo: CDIC-3 teams from SSC, Techno System, DTM, ESA and University of Szeged

CDIC-3 teams at the campaign:

Uni Szeged: Pr. Dezsö Horváth, Ágota Tóth, PhD students Peter Bába, Eszter Tóth-Szeles 
Uni Magdenburg: Pr. Marcus Hauser
Technische Universität Dresden: Kerstin Eckert
Université Libre de Bruxelles: Anne De Wit
Université Paul Sabatier: Véronique Pimienta
ESA-Estec: Dr Balázs Tóth
DTM, Modena: Davide Santachiara, Martino Pinelli, Marco Cavazzuti
Techno Systems Pozzuoli-Naples: Daniele Titomanlio, Maurizio De Nino, Rafaele Ascolese, Daniele Petrone TBD
SSC: Michael Lundin