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06 Jul 2017

Press release


Swedish Space Corporation, (SSC Svenska rymdaktiebolaget AB) has sold 100% of the shares of ECAPS AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of SSC, to Bradford Engineering.

• SSC sells ECAPS AB, a leading manufacturer of space propulsion systems, to Bradford Engineering.
• Solid strategic fit for both parties and industrial logic for combination.

Swedish Space Corporation, (SSC Svenska rymdaktiebolaget AB) has entered into an agreement to sell ECAPS AB to Bradford Engineering.

ECAPS, founded in 2000, is an innovative company with focus on Green Propulsion based products for space applications. ECAPS innovations enables simplified and effective access to space for satellite and launcher systems. ECAPS holds a number of patents worldwide for a family of ADN (Ammonium DiNitramide) based propellants, catalyst, thruster design and manufacturing methods.

Compared to traditional propulsion, High Performance Green Propulsion (HPGP) provides higher specific impulse and higher propellant density, which results in increased performance. The propellant is based on ADN (Ammonium DiNitrimide) and is considerably less toxic, non- carcinogenic and much simpler to handle than hydrazine. The architecture of HPGP propulsion systems consists of COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) components with extensive flight heritage. This enables a simplified transition away from hydrazine, and allows the overall mission cost to be reduced.

In the wake of SSC’s strategy to become a leading global provider of advanced space services, ECAPS has better possibilities to further develop as becoming part of a leading propulsion system provider to continue and strengthen its journey.

“Current exciting industry trends looking for non-toxic propellant solutions, together with a rapidly growing interest in small satellites, yields a unique strategic fit with Bradford Engineering” said Patrick van Put, Technical & Business director of Bradford. Bradford Engineering is a leading high-tech European developer and manufacturer of satellite control sub-systems and components.

“ECAPS AB has delivered groundbreaking innovations and stands on a strong technological foundation. Its development has been a tremendous team effort, led by the CEO Mathias Persson. We are very proud of what the team has achieved and to have been part of ECAPS’ journey. Now ECAPS found a new home, and we look forward to see it continue to develop as part of Bradford Engineering” said Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of SSC Group.
For more information, please contact:

Stefan Gardefjord (CEO SSC)

Tel: +46 8 627 62 00

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