SSC and Swedish Government Delegation visit Southern California and Space Tech Expo RSS

23 May 2016

SSC is hosting a Swedish government delegation visit to California May 23-27. The four-member Swedish Government delegation, led by former Vice Prime Minister of Sweden, Mr Jan Nygren, are there to meet with industry leaders to better understand the emerging space market.

Stefan Gustafsson, SSC senior vice president for strategy and sustainable business, stated, “We look forward to the interaction with industry in California during this high intensity visit. The delegation is very interested in discussing launch and market issues with industry experts.” He added, “We are optimistic the emerging space culture will encourage the use of commercial services from launch to on-orbit TT&C and payload data capture.”

Meeting the various needs of smallsat and cubesat missions is a key SSC corporate objective and is being realized in two ways: the creation of a launch capability in northern Sweden and SSC Infinity, a new, low-cost ground operations service offering customers full flexibility for small satellites and constellations. “Recent growth in new, smallsat and constellation-based space applications throughout the world is driving the need for a new approach to ground segment operations” said Leif Osterbo, president, SSC Satellite Management Services Division, “SSC is postured to be part of that new approach.”

The company and delegation will be meeting with several industry leading companies. Attendees of Space Tech Expo who wish to meet with the delegation during the conference should contact

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