04 Jul 2016

Rocket launch from Esrange Space Center

During the period 18 – 31 July, 2016 one Terrier/Improved Orion rocket is planned to be launched from Esrange.
The launch will take place between 06:00 – 16:00 during this period.

Terrier/Improved Orion is a two-stage rocket. The estimated impact point for the first stage of the rocket is in the A-zone and for the second stage in the B-zone.

In connection with the launching Radio Norrbotten will broadcast final announcements on the Kiruna FM-transmitter 102.7 MHz, at any of the following times:

06.58,         12.58,            17.58          and        21.58

or at a time given in the last announcement.

Within the impact area there are shelters and warning signs with maps and other relevant information.


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