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21 Apr 2016

Space Propulsion 2016, Rome 2-6 May

We look forward to meeting you in Rome! Our Space Propulsion companies NanoSpace and ECAPS will exhibit and present.

Please visit the ECAPS/NanoSpace booth (#3) to hear the latest about ECAPS' flightproven High Performance Green Propulsion systems and NanoSpace's innovative MEMS based systems and components.

You will hear more about our exciting technologies at our presentations:

Monday 2 May  
16.00 Plenary -  Primes and operators vs suppliers views on space propulsion: Spacecraft (M Persson, ECAPS, participates)
Tuesday 3 May  
 10.20 Cubesat testing of Coulomb drag propulsion 
(T Grönland, as co-author for the Finnish Meteorological Institute)
 11.30 Kjell Anflo, ECAPS, chairing session AM/3D Printing (1)
16.20  Space qualification of monopropellant LMP-103S (P Thormählen, ECAPS)
17.00 High Performance Green Propulsion - On the way for three launches from three continents (K Anflo, ECAPS)
17.20 HPGP®, a flight proven technology selected for multiple LEO missions (M Persson, ECAPS)
Wednesday 4 May 
16.420 Miniaturised components for satellite propulsion using MEMS technology (T Grönland, NanoSpace - chairing and speaking)
Thursday 5 May  
9.00 On the development and demonstration of the NanoSpace CubeSat Propulsion module with closed-loop thrust control (K Palmer, NanoSpace)
9.00 Advancing the ADN-based monopropellant thruster family for space flight K Anflo, ECAPS)
10.00 Concluding a 5 year in-space demonstration of an ADN-based propulsion system on Prisma (K Anflo, ECAPS)


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Meet NanoSpace and ECAPS at Space Propulsion