11 Jun 2015

Launches from Esrange Space Center

Two different launches; one rocket between 22 June - 12 July and one balloon carrying one unmanned aircraft between 29 June - 31 August.

During the period 22 June-12 July, 2015 one VSB-30 rocket is planned to be launched from Esrange Space Center.
The launch will take place between 02.00 ‑ 14.00 during this period.

VSB-30 is a two-stage rocket. The estimated impact point for the first stage of the rocket is in the A-zone and for the second stage in the B-zone.


During the period June 29 – August 31, 2015 one balloon is planned to be launched from Esrange. The balloon will be carrying one unmanned aircraft which will be released from the balloon between 02.00 and 14.00 during this period.

The estimated impact point of the unmanned aircraft is in the B-zone.

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