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24 Sep 2015

SSC hosted fruitful Executive Roundtable on European Space Collaboration and an inspiring lunch for 100 astronauts.

SSC had the pleasure of hosting a lunch for 100 astronauts at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) this past Monday, as a part of our sponsorship of the 28th congress of the Association of Space Explorers. The setting was KTH’s old historic reactor hall far underground, a location that is now mainly used for events. The atmosphere was very joyful and many interesting and inspiring space stories were of course told around the tables. The astronauts are in Sweden for one week and will, among other activities, reach out to thousands of students by visiting high schools and universities.(Right image: The first human to do a spacewalk, cosmonaut Aleksei Leonov, Russia, and astronaut Miroslaw Hermaszewski, Poland) 

Executive Roundtable on European Space Collaboration

On the same day, SSC organized a separate Executive Roundtable on European Space Collaboration for 25 especially invited politicians, agency representatives and industry leaders from Sweden, Europe and the US. The very fruitful presentations and good discussions evolved around the development of the international space market, which is changing rapidly by commercial initiatives and new requirements for flexibility. In this context, SSC shared its plans to establish capacities for Europe to launch satellites from Esrange Space Center as well as the ongoing development of satellite communication services adapted for constellations of small satellites. There were also engaging discussions about space debris and satellite flight management, as well as fruitful talks about the development of a mutual European space agenda. 

This successful and appreciated Executive Roundtable was a follow-up on the similar event arranged jointly with the Swedish Embassy in Washington last year. 

ASE 2015 lunch and SSC Executive Roundtable

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Inspiring space day in Stockholm