ESA Teams ready for Europe`s next weather satellite - MSG4 RSS

ESA Teams ready for Europe`s next weather satellite - MSG4

MSG-4, due for launch on 15 July 2015 is the fourth and final satellite in the Meteosat Second Generation (MSG) series of geostationary satellites, which provides data needed for the ‘nowcasting’ of high impact weather.
ESA Teams ready for Europe`s next weather satellite - MSG4

From ESA’s press release of 09 July 2015: 









"Ground control teams are ready to shepherd Europe’s next weather satellite through its critical first days in orbit, ensuring it is working and healthy in the harsh environment of space.

On 15 July, a team of experts will be sitting ‘on console’ in the Main Control Room at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, ESOC, in Darmstadt, Germany, watching intently as the latest Meteosat Second Generation satellite, MSG-4, separates from its Ariane launcher.

As with its three predecessors, information from the last of the MSG series is required for the ‘nowcasting’ of high-impact weather and for continuing climate research.

MSG satellites, dubbed Meteosat once operating, provide full-disc images over Europe and Africa every 15 minutes and ‘rapid scan’ imagery over Europe every five minutes.

ESA’s European Space Operations Centre, ESOC, is the control centre for ESA missions, and hosts our Main Control Room, combined Dedicated Control Rooms for specific missions and the Estrack Control Centre, which manages our worldwide ground tracking stations
ESA control room

They are operated by Eumetsat – the European Organisation for the Exploitation of Meteorological Satellites – but ESA is responsible for their design, development and in-orbit delivery.

Ariane flight VA224 is set for liftoff in a 37-minute window starting at 21:42 GMT (23:42 CEST) on Wednesday, 15 July. MSG-4 will separate from Ariane’s upper stage about 40 minutes after launch, a few minutes after its co-passenger, Embratel’s Star One C4 satellite."

LSE Space also supports this missions by providing Engineering Services and is thrilled to be part of another successful launch.

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