The King of Sweden visited SSC RSS

12 Feb 2014

A King fascinated by the challenges facing the global members of the SSC team. That is an obvious conclusion of the Wednesday study visit by King Carl Gustaf of Sweden to the head office in Stockholm.

The King spent two hours accompanied by among others the Secretary of state from ministry for Finance, Erik Thedéen, chairman of the board, Hans Karlander and CEO Stefan Gardefjord.

The royal visit is important for SSC and its global business. The King often travels to different countries and act as an
ambassador for the Swedish business interests. For SSC, with half of its staff abroad and most customers in other countries, it is essential that the royal court and members of the government are well up to date with the company.

The King therefore received a briefing about the development of SSC, the New Esrange project and security issues.

Much appreciated was a video conference with the SSC premises in US, Chile, Germany and China. The unique perspective of a company operating in so different parts of the world was obvious and the projects presented gave an in-depth view of the complicated affairs done by SSC.

Finally the president of Technology division Anna Rathsman told the King about the Odin satellite project, a Swedish satellite still leaving environmental data after twelve year in orbit.


Image: Anna Rathsman telling the King about the Odin project. CEO Stefan Gardefjord to the right.

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The King of Sweden visited SSC