New Network Management Center inaugurated at Chantilly RSS

11 Jun 2014

SSC’s US company Universal Space Network (USN) has opened a new Network Management Center at Chantilly, Virginia.

The Chantilly Network Management Center (NMC) replaces the center at Newport Beach, California. The new location is closer to USN’s government customers and has many advantages in terms of communications infrastructure and access to a large international airport, but is still far enough from USN’s Pennsylvania NMC not to be disturbed by the same potential weather related events.

The Chantilly NMC became operational in mid-May and was formally inaugurated last week by USN's Board of Directors. It is one of three Network Management Centers of SSC’s global ground station network, PrioraNet. The other centers are located in Horsham, Pennsylvania, and in Kiruna, Sweden. The centers are staffed around the clock to provide customers with the highest levels of service and support during all phases of a satellite mission.

For more information, please contact John Williams, CEO, Universal Space Network,

Ribbon cutting at ChantillyChantilly inauguration 3 June
Eric Zahler, Chairman of the USN Board of Directors, and Stefan Gardefjord, CEO of the SSC Group, cut the ribbon.
Behind them can be seen USN CEO John Williams, Board members Michael Hamel and James W.Cuminale, the President of SSC's Satellite Management Services division Leif Österbo and SSC CFO Åse Lagerqvist.



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