NanoSpace to develop Xenon flow control module for telecom satellites RSS

20 Aug 2014

SSC company NanoSpace has signed a new contract with ESA to develop a Xenon flow controller for telecommunication satellites.

Electric propulsion (EP) systems are becoming more and more used on telecommunication satellites and in general the trend goes toward larger and more powerful EP thrusters. With this trend comes the need to optimize performance and controllability of these thrusters. NanoSpace MEMS-based Xenon flow control technology has proven to be more accurate and have better controllability than any existing solution. This has been demonstrated in previous ESA projects and also in real tests together with Airbus and their small EP thruster in their vacuum facility in Germany.

With this at hand, ESA now wants to expand NanoSpace Xenon flow control product to also cover the largest EP thruster in the most demanding market segment –the telecommunication satellites.

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Image: NanoSpace exisiting Xenon flow control module developed for Airbus microNewton-RIT thruster.

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NanoSpace to develop Xenon flow control module for telecom satellites