On 2 June 2014 SSC's Airborne Systems becomes S&T Airborne Systems  RSS

28 May 2014

Sjöland & Thyselius (S&T) has acquired SSC's business unit Airborne Systems and will continue to provide maritime surveillance systems for customers around the world. Read more about the acquisition in the joint press release of  15th May.

From 2 June Airborne Systems will move to new e-mail addresses and later this summer also to a new physical address. More detailscan be found in Olov Fäst's letter to our maritime surveillance customers.

If you have any questions please contact:

Yvonne Donlemar, Marketing Assistant, yvonne.donlemar@sscspace.com,
from 2nd June yvonne.donlemar@st.se

Olov Fäst, Sales Director, S&T Airborne Systems +46 70 590 6306, olov.fast@sscspace.com,
from 2nd June olov.fast@st.se

Mikael Tjernlund, CEO Sjöland & Thyselius, +46 70 937 97 20,  mikael.tjernlund@st.se

For more information on Sjöland & Thyselius, please see www.st.se

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