Aurora Extends IT Support Role at ESAC RSS

28 Apr 2014

Aurora is pleased to announce an expanded role within the Computer Support Group at the European Space Agency’s ESAC facility in Spain with the addition of two new IT experts. This increases our involvement on the team to a total of three specialized personnel providing key IT support to ESAs scientific missions and takes our overall representation at ESAC to 20 personnel.

The Computer Support Group is part of ESA’s Scientific Directorate and provides technical IT support to science operations centres, and ground segments located at ESAC. The role of the team is to provide a technical service that involves both supporting individual users with computing issues as well as maintaining the underlying operational infrastructure that supports the various science mission activities and scientific data archives. The environment also includes Disk Storage infrastructure, Virtual interface as well as GRID and Cloud computing infrastructures. Systems can be physical machines or provided through virtual infrastructure. These systems are connected to networks organized by functions (operational, office and development, external services, GRID, Cloud and administration networks).

The European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC) is located at Villafranca del Castillo, near Madrid, Spain. It is home to the mission operation activities for the ESA science program and currently supports 12 active missions and the planning for 5 future missions.

Aurora was awarded the service through an open tender process as part of its involvement on the ESA Frame Contract for Manpower Support to ESTEC Directorates.

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Aurora Extends IT Support Role at ESAC