Finnish Border Guard benefit from the upgrade of their two MSS 6000 systems  RSS

26 Apr 2013

MSS 6000 Operatortraining Finnish Border GuardFinnish Border Guard operators during the classroom part of the operator training led by Daniel Siberg, SSC

The upgraded MSS 6000 systems have now been taken into use by the Finnish Border Guard (FBG) after successful acceptance tests. SSC staff has recently visited the FBG base in Turku, Finland and provided additional training on the new features in the system, to ensure the FBG will be able to make full use of the new capabilities at their hands.

The Finnish Border Guard (FBG) operates two Dornier 228 aircraft. Both were fitted with the MSS 6000 system in 2009. In 2011 the FBG decided to further improve their capability for surveillance and protection of the Baltic sea. A latest generation search radar, a state-of-the-art EO/IR sensor and an upgraded radio direction finder are someof the new equipment that was installed and integrated into the MSS system during 2012.

The new MSS 6000 configuration integrates several new types of information, which increases the situational awareness and enhances the cooperation between all crew members.The FBG configuration features two operator work stations from which all sensors can be operated, an upgraded cockpit display for bringing up-to-date situation information to the pilots and an observer station that can be used for example by an observer from another organization or authority.

The core of the MSS system is the advanced data fusion software developed continuously by SSCengineers in the past 35 years in conjunction with more than 20 different customers' requirements worldwide. The MSS 6000 systems in operation today in Finland include the latest   features developed by our experts. These include improved virus protection, updated recording capability of HD video as well as geo-referencing and recording ofthe target tracks and SAR strip maps generated by the new search radar.

"MSS 6000, continuously driving the standards, for improving Coast Guard's maritime domain awareness."

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