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20 Feb 2012

Today, eleven years have passed since the Swedish satellite Odin was launched from Svobodny, Russia. After 60,000 orbits, the satellite still delivers valuable scientific data.

Odin was designed and manufactured by SSC in a multilateral project, including Canada, Finland and France, between 1991 and 2000. SSC was also responsible for the satellite operations until SSC's Space Systems Division was divested to OHB in 2011.
SSC's satellite station at Esrange is still used for communication with the satellite.

Odin was designed for both astronomy and aeronomy studies. In the latest years, it has been used solely for atmospheric research, observing the changes of the ozone layer as well as processes related to gobal warming. The satellite was designed for a nominal lifetime of two years in orbit, but is still working well and delivers daily amounts of valuable data to the scientific community. Through the years, data from Odin has resulted in numerous doctoral theses.

About Odin
(Swedish National Space Board)

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