Successful flight acceptance test of the upgraded MSS 6000 for the Finnish Border Guard  RSS

19 Dec 2012

On December 14 we concluded the successful flight acceptance tests of the upgraded MSS 6000 system on the first Dornier 228 operated by the Finnish Border Guard (FBG). The tests were performed at Bromma Airport in Stockholm. Operators and pilots from the Finnish Border Guard participated in the tests.

SSC and FBG team on their way to a test flightSSC and FBG team on their way to a test flight on the Border Guard Aircraft

The new MSS 6000 configuration integrates several new types of information, which increases the situational awareness and enhances the cooperation between all crew members. The FBG configuration features two operator work stations from which all sensors can be operated, an upgraded cockpit display for bringing up-to-date situation information to the pilots and an observer station that can be used for example by an observer from another organization or authority. Other new features include improved virus protection, updated recording capability to handle the HD video from the new EO/IR sensor, and geo-referencing and recording of the target tracks and SAR strip maps generated by the new search radar.

As part of the delivery SSC has also provided training for the operators on the new features incorporated in the system.

The upgrade on the second aircraft will be completed in the beginning of next year.

The FBG has two Dornier 228 both of which have been fitted with the MSS 6000 system in 2009. In 2011 the FBG decided to further improve the capability for surveillance and protection of the Baltic sea and ordered the upgrade of both systems.

The MSS 6000 is used by coast guard organizations around the world. The MSS 6000 design rests on SSC’s experience from installing more than 80 airborne maritime surveillance systems over the last thirty years.  “We believe the MSS 6000 is unequalled in terms of its suitability for the purpose and its cost-effectiveness” says Olov Fäst, President of the SSC Airborne System Division.  The MSS 6000 combines advanced technology with ease of operation.  The system is platform-independent and has been installed on a number of different types of aircraft such as the Dornier 228, CASA 212, Dash 8, LET410, CL415 amphibian and many more.

Some facts about the MSS 6000 for the Finnish Border Guard:Facts about the MSS 6000 for the Finnish Border Guard

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