REXUS 11 and REXUS 12 campaign has started RSS

13 Mar 2012

The REXUS/BEXUS programme (Rocket and Balloon Experiments for University Students) offers opportunities for student experiments to be flown on sounding rockets and stratospheric balloons. Each year, two rockets and two balloons are launched, carrying up to 20 experiments designed and built by student teams. The programme is targeted at student teams from universities and higher education colleges across Europe.

The launching area for sounding rockets at Esrange Space Center is full of life. REXUS 12
Since yesterday around 80 students from all over Europe are preparing their experiments for flights planned for next week. 
Two rockets, REXUS 11 and REXUS 12, are getting prepared for launch next week.
REXUS 11, with four student experiments, is planned for launch on March 20 and REXUS 12, with five student experiments, will be launched in close connection to that, with a day or two in between.

Read more about REXUS 11 and REXUS 12.

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