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25 Nov 2012

The third flight

On November 25, at 11.20 UTC, MAPHEUS 3 was launched from Esrange Space Center, Kiruna.

The rocket was launched from Esrange Space Center on November 25, 2012 at 11.20 UTC.

Maximum altitude reached was 145 km and the flight time was 12 minutes. It landed 44 km north of Esrange Space Center.

Recovery is on-going and the payload will be brought back to the base for analysis.


(Materialphysikalische Experimente unter Schwerelosigkeit, Material Physics Experiments under Microgravity Conditions)

MAPHEUS is a DLR research rocket programme conducting annual launches of scientific payloads dedicated to material studies.
Experiments on MAPHEUS cover a wide range of material physics topics such as gelation, the behaviour of granulates, diffusion and the mixing and demixing of metallic alloys.
Propelled by a two stage Nike/Improved-Orion motor combination, MAPHEUS typically offers more than three minutes of microgravity time at 10-4g.

On the SSC campaign page for MAPHEUS 3 you can find a link to the recorded launch.

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