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19 Mar 2012

Today at 14.05 UTC the student rocket REXUS 12 took aloft from Esrange Space Center, Kiruna.

REXUS 12The rocket, with its five experiments, was launched from Esrange Space Center today, March 19, at 14.05 UTC. It reached an altitude of 86,5 kilometres.

The five experiments on board were testing new technical systems developed and built by students from universities all over Europe.

REXUS 11 was planned to be launched on Wednesday, March 21, but has been postponed due to an anomaly that occurred on REXUS 12 which prevented the parachute recovery system from deploying properly.

A technical investigation of the anomaly has started and more information will be added later when the investigation is ready and a new launchdate for REXUS 11 is decided.


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