ESTELLE with NanoSpace thrusters selected for EU project RSS

12 Sep 2012

The satellite ESTELLE with NanoSpace's miniaturized propulsion module has been selected for flight in the EU project QB50. The scientific objective of QB50 is to observe variations in the lower thermosphere and to study the reentry process.

ESTELLE is a double-unit cube satellite, CubeSat, each unit measuring 10x10x10 cm. One unit will provide the propulsion system and usual satellite functions whereas the second unit will accommodate the scientific sensors. ESTELLE is developed jointly by the University of Tartu (Estonia), SPACE-SI (Slovenia), Ventspils University (Latvia) and NanoSpace. ESTELLE will cooperate during flight with the Finnish QB50 satellite Aalto-2.

"We are really pleased to have this flight opportunity for a product that we strongly believe in", says Tor-Arne Grönland, CEO of NanoSpace. "Nanosatellite propulsion is highly topical now that cost-efficient miniaturized satellites keep gaining ground."

In all, QB50 will use a multi-point network of 50 double or triple CubeSats. All satellites are planned to be launched together on a single launch vehicle in 2015.

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