TEXUS 49 successfully launched RSS

29 Mar 2011

Today at 06.01 local time TEXUS 49 was successfully launched with a VSB-30 rocket to an altitude of 268 km. Four scientific experiments were performed during 6 minutes of microgravity and so far the data communication during flight indicates performance according to plan. The payload landed 90 km north of Esrange within the Esrange Impact Area. It's already recovered by helicopter and back at the base for analysis.All four experiments onboard has flown on a previous TEXUS campaign. To fly several times means that the instruments can be modified since their last flight in order to bring the scientific process forward.

The TEXUS programme started already in 1977 and has been extremely successful. The rocket launches are carried out at the Esrange Space Center jointly by the Swedish Space Corporation (SSC), DLR and EADS Astrium. SSC is responsible for the launch operations and the campaign is funded by DLR this time. The TEXUS campaigns are sometimes financed by ESA or jointly financed by DLR and ESA.

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