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11 Apr 2011

Common brand and visual identity

 As of today, April 11, 2011, Swedish Space Corporation is now SSC. For over 40 years, Swedish Space Corporation has been providing cost-effective, mission critical solutions. Just as our service portfolio has grown over the last several years to enhance the global space community, Swedish Space Corporation has expanded to include the following industry leaders who complement each other through their areas of expertise:

  • Swedish Space Corporation
  • LSE Space
  • LSE Space Middle East JLT
  • Universal Space Network
  • SSC Chile
  • Aurora
  • NanoSpace

Growth and global expansion naturally creates the need for unification. Following this evolution, from today forward the Swedish Space Corporation group of companies has united to become SSC - sharing a common brand and a new visual identity. Together we offer an extensive portfolio of products and services designed to propel our customers to the leading edge of space enterprise.

For more information, please contact

Anne Ytterskog, SSC Corporate Communications, anne.ytterskog@sscspace.com, tel +46 8 627 63 18.

SSC - enables its customers to make better use of space

As a world-leading facilitator of space programs, SSC enables governmental agencies, companies and other commercial or research institutes to make better use of space. The shared name of our Group of companies, SSC technologies and services enable successful space projects for the telecommunications, security, meteorology, positioning, scientific research, remote sensing or other industries.
Through the unflagging efforts of our nearly 700 employees, we provide specialized competence in space and satellite systems, space and satellite operations, rocket and balloon systems, launch services, flight test services as well as maritime surveillance. Supporting cus¬tomers with local presence on all continents, we offer extensive application-specific solutions comprised of systems, sub-systems, instruments, technology, and support services.
Our 40 years of experience make SSC one of the most experienced and established businesses in our field.
We help customers gain new understanding of the potential resources in space – as well as to utilize space for the benefit of business and mankind on Earth.

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Swedish Space Corporation is now SSC