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09 May 2011

Performed at Esrange Space Center

On 7 May at 05.17 local time, an advanced balloon drop test of a new technique for supersonic transportation was performed at Esrange Space Center, SSC’s operational base for space activities.
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A team from JAXA,Japan, has been working at Esrange since the end of March to prepare two heavy lift drop tests with stratospheric balloons. JAXA is conducting research in silent supersonic transportation technologies with the goal to design a silent supersonic transportation system that is economically viable and eco friendly for travels in the 21st century.

A complex mission

The JAXA drop test is considered as one of the most complex and advanced balloon drop test ever performed at Esrange Space Center. Two drop bodies, weighing 630kg and 700kg respectively, were released within 10 seconds at a height of around 20.8 km. After passing the supersonic boundary, the sonic boom recording was made from one of four different audio stations built up especially for this campaign within the Esrange sounding rocket impact area. All systems except four remotely controlled sonic boom measurement systems were supplied by SSC.

-         SSC offers a wide range of services that enables our customers to make better use of space, says Mr. Mikael Toyra, Project Manager at Esrange Space Center. This successful mission is a result of an excellent SSC and JAXA team performance and we are really pleased that everything went according to plan.

Next JAXA drop test

The next drop test of the D-SEND#1 will take place within the coming days. The first meteorological meeting is planned for today and as soon as the weather conditions are right, the time and date for count down will be decided.

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Press release in Swedish

For further information please contact

Mr. Mikael Toyra, Project Manager at Esrange Space Center
Phone:  +46 980 720 or +46 70 636 21 33

Dr. Kenji Yoshida, Project Manager of D-SEND Project Team
Phone: +81 50 3362 4858

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