Preparations for next student rocket RSS

17 Feb 2011

The launching area for sounding rockets at Esrange space Center is full of life. Since a couple of days around 50 students from all over Europe are preparing their experiments for flights planned for next week.

Two rockets, REXUS 9 and REXUS 10, are getting prepared for launch next week. The REXUS 9 team is focusing on the bench test and later this afternoon on the flight simulation. The REXUS 10 team is still assembling the payload and will go on with the bench test tomorrow.

REXUS 9 is planned for Tuesday 22 February and REXUS 10 will be launched in close connection to that, with a day or two in between.

Read more about REXUS 9 and REXUS 10. The students have their own web pages with live feeds, video clips and lots of interesting things.

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