NanoSpace Propellant Gauging System passes PDR RSS

03 Apr 2011

Go-ahead for manufacturing of EM gauging system

On the 31th of March a successful close-out of the preliminary design review (PDR) of NanoSpace’s propellant gauging system was held in Uppsala. ESA gave NanoSpace, authorisation to proceed with manufacturing of the Engineering Model gauging system. Astrium, who was present in Uppsala, also gave their blessing to the work accomplished.

NanoSpace is currently running a development project within ESA´s telecom programme together with AstriumST, Germany, as subcontractor. The project objective is to design, manufacture and test a novel MEMS-based satellite propellant gauging system (PGS).

The gauging concept is based on a improved gas injection principle, using a MEMS differential pressure sensor (developed by Presens AS) as one of the key components. The subject propellant gauging system shall be able to precisely determine the residual propellant in orbit in order to predict the satellites end of life with better accuracy than is possible today. More specifically, the target is to develop a propellant gauging system that can reduce the operational uncertainty at telecommunication satellites end-of-life from typically several months down to a few weeks. In addition to high accuracy, the propellant gauging system shall be small, in terms of mass and volume, and the integration of the PGS into existing communication satellite platforms shall be possible with a minimum impact on the platform design.

NanoSpace propellant gauging system

 Conceptual design of NanoSpace propellant gauging system

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