MAXUS 9 rocket motor arrives at Esrange RSS

14 Jul 2011

Launch scheduled for early 2014

While intense preparations of the Swedish PHOCUS sounding rocket − to be launched from Esrange Space Center in a few days − are ongoing, we are also engaged in preparations of the scientific payload of MASER 12, to be launched later this year, and the much larger MAXUS 9 sounding rocket scheduled for early 2014.

On 8 July the 9 meter long Castor IVB rocket motor for MAXUS 9 arrived from the U.S. to Kiruna Airport, filled with 10 tonnes of solid propellant. After off-loading and transport to Esrange in the midnight sun, the motor was successfully parked in the rocket store.
MAXUS 9 motor arrivesMAXUS 9 will carry 4 scientific experiment modules, including the XRMON-Diffusion experiment module developed by SSC, and will reach an altitude of over 700 km and provide 12 minutes of microgravity.
As mentioned, SSC is also busy developing and manufacturing all four experiment modules of MASER 12 at the technical centre in Solna. MASER 12 is scheduled for flight in late November. The MASER rockets normally reach an apogee of 250 km and provide more than 6 minutes of microgravity.

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