First MSS 6000 installation for Vietnam RSS

30 Aug 2011

The first new CASA-212 aircraft for the Vietnam Marine Police has arrived in Sweden for installation of the first of three MSS 6000 airborne maritime surveillance systems. The installation will be carried out by SAAB and SSC at Skavsta airport. As soon as the second and third aircraft are delivered, these will also be fitted with the MSS 6000.

 CASA212-400 for the Vietnam Marine Police at Skavsta airport

From left to right:  project manager Heike Schneider (SSC),
pilot  J. Ruiz, chief test pilot A. Madurga, flight technician A. Herranz and project manager Jesper Svedberg (SAAB).

"This is a significant milestone in the project and we look forward to working together with SAAB on the installation", says Heike Schneider, project manager at SSC.  Installation and test of the systems in the aircraft, setting up of a ground station and a mission command centre, as well as operational and technical training of the customer's personnel is all included in the contract. The MSS 6000 systems are highly advanced systems designed to fulfil the specific needs of the coast-guard mission and will provide the Vietnam Marine Police with a very efficient tool in their surveillance task.

More information about the project can be found here.

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