First balloon launch in 2011 RSS

16 Feb 2011

The first CNES balloon out of twelve has been launched.

The first balloon within the CNES balloon campaign was successfully launched from Esrange Space Center on February 15. This first balloon, out of 12 planned, reached an altitude of approximately 20 km and it flew from 17.01 until cut down at 23:55 (local time). The landing took place in North East of Finland, near the Russian border, and the recovery will be made by helicopter.

The balloon carried the SP2-1 instrument and the aim of the flight was to qualify the new frost-point hygrometer developed by LMD France, which uses a surface acoustic wave sensor and which is designed to work on long duration super pressure-balloon flights in the future.

The next flight is planned within the coming days and it will probably be ELHYSA or SP2-2.

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