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19 May 2011

Inauguration of the new balloon hall.

A new large assembly hall for balloon borne scientific payloads was inaugurated in festive shapes this week at EsrangeSpaceCenter. The hall, that is 795 square meters big, is the latest addition to SSC’s facilities for rocket and balloon launches.
Mr. Orr, Mr Poromaa and Mr. Honda
in front of the new balloon hall.
Full activity in the
new balloon hall.

 Photo © SSC


-         The demand to perform scientific experiments with stratospheric balloons from Esrange has increased steadily in recent years, says Mr. Lennart Poromaa, President, Science Services Division at SSC. Our geographic location enables long duration flights both summer and winter and as we often have several balloon campaigns in parallel, more working space will improve the conditions for our customers further.

-         It is a pleasure for us to take part of the inauguration of the new integration hall, says Mr. Dwayne Orr, head of the NASA team and Mr. Masahisa Honda, head of the JAXA team, both preparing for balloon flights and visiting Esrange right now. The facilities here at Esrange are world class and with an additional hall it will be even better, they conclude.

Ongoing balloon campaigns

For the moment there are three separate balloon campaigns running in parallel with six balloons to be launched before the middle of July.

The Swedish PoGoLite campaign consists of a balloon borne telescope studying the field of astronomy. This flight will be SSC’s "maiden" circumpolar flight planned to land in northernScandinaviaafter 12-14 days. The launch window for PoGoLite opens on 20 May.

The American NASA summer campaign consists of three scientific payloads (LEE, AESOP and Hi-Wind) and the launch window for these flights opens on 25 May. This campaign is a continuation of a NASA long-duration balloon flight programme at northern latitudes. By conducting balloon flights from northern Sweden to North America, flight of up to 4-6 days can be obtained, an opportunity that is highly required by scientists within the field of astronomy.

The Japanese D-SEND#1 campaign has already successfully flown their two advanced drop tests with experiments of sonic booms.  

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