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12 Oct 2011

The Barents Euro-Arctic Council has visited Esrange Space Center. Foreign minister Carl Bildt says that Esrange plays an important role for the environmentally sustainable expansion of the Barents region.

Members of the Barents Euro-Arctic Council (BEAC), including Sweden's foreign minister Carl Bildt, visited SSC's Esrange Space Center on 11 October. Carl Bildt declared that the activities performed at Esrange, such as data acquisition from earth observation satellites and observations of the Arctic region using high-altitude balloons, are of great importance for the sustainability of the region.

During its chairmanship of BEAC, Sweden has focused on the environmentally sustainable expansion of the region. Esrange Space Center plays a strategic role in monitoring the environmental impact caused by the extraction of natural resources such as gas, oil, ore and minerals. Through the research performed at Esrange using both sounding rockets and balloons as well as satellite communication services, the base can contribute with information that helps winning the region's valuable natural resources in an sustainable manner.

The visit at Esrange was made in connection with the ongoing foreign minister meeting in Kiruna. The foreign ministers of Norway and Finland, Jonas Gahr Störe and Erkki Tumioja, were also present.

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