ROcket Technology Experiment

This will be the first rocket mission launched with the rocket combination Terrier Mk12 / Improved Orion from Esrange. The purpose with the experiment is to measure laminar and turbulent flow over the rocket surface.

The research will be carried out using an unguided solid propellant twostaged rocket, Terrier Mk12 and Improved Orion.

The Terrier motor has a burn phase of 5 seconds. The Imp. Orion Motor is a dual thrust burner with a boost phase of 5 seconds and a sustainer phase of approximately 21 seconds. The rocket accelerates the payload then for 40.0 seconds with peak acceleration during the boost phase of approximately 21 g.

SSC Campaign Manager:  Maria Holmström
MORABA Campaign Manager: Andreas Stamminger

MORABA Payload Engineer:

Markus Pinzer 

Project Scientists:

Ali Gülhan 

Fluid Mechanics

Andreas Henze

General information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date

July 19 at 06:05 LT

Technical information

Rocket type Terrier Mk12 / Improved Orion
payload diameter
14 inches

Propellant type


Propellant mass

~ 290 kg
Apogee ~ 180 km

Contact person

Maria Holmström, Project manager, (SSC)

Andreas Stamminger, Campaign Manager (DLR Moraba)


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