The seventh flight

MAPHEUS – Materialphysikalische Experimente unter Schwerelosigkeit, Material Physics under Microgravity Conditions


MAPHEUS is a DLR research rocket programme conducting annual launches of science payloads initially dedicated to materials studies. In the first project phase 14" payloads have been launched using a two stage Nike-Orion motor combination providing about 3 minutes of reduced gravity at a level of better than 10-4g (MAPHEUS 1-3) or on a single stage S30 motor providing about 4 minutes of reduced gravity at a level of better than 10-4 g (MAPHEUS-4). Experiments covered a wide range of materials physics topics such as gelation, granular dynamics, diffusion, solidification, and the mixing of liquid metallic alloys.

General information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date First hot CD February 13
Customer DLR

Technical information

Rocket type Motor combination of
Brazilian S31/Improved Malamute
Nominal diameter 557 mm
Total weight 2663,2 kg
Apogee ~250 km
Microgravity time ~360 s
Length Payload 3 490 mm
Burn-out S31 ~12,4 s
Imp Malamute ~27,3 s
Yo-yo despin ~51 s
Max acceleration ~12,3 g
Flight time to apogee ~248 sec








Experiment modules

Module Experimenter
MemEx II

Team: Dr. Jens Hauslage, PD Dr. Ruth Hemmersbach DLR ME-BIO
Dr. Florian P.M. Kohn, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hanke Uni Hohenheim

CellFix Team: Dr. Sonja Brungs, Christian Liemersdorf, Jens Hauslage, DLR ME-BIO
Team: Alberto Chiengue Tchapnda, Christoph Dreißigacker,
Dr. Matthias Sperl, Karsten Tell, MP-EXP
Dr. Peidong Yu, Uni Köln

Team: Dr. Maike Becker, Jörg Drescher
Prof. Dr. Florian Kargl, Mareike Wegener, DLR MP-EXP


Team:Prof.Dr.Thomas Voigtmann, Dr. Philip Born, Dr. David Heuskin,
Dr. Dirk Bräuer, Raphael Keßler, Christoph Dreißigacker (DLR-MP)
Prof. Dr. Clemens Bechinger, Dr. Celia Lozano (U Konstanz) 

Rocket System DLR, Oberpfaffenhofen, Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA)

Contact persons

Mr. Torbjörn Eld, SSC,
Mr. F Scheuerpflug, DLR,

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