BEXUS 20 /21 RSS

Balloon-borne EXperiment for University Students.

The REXUS/BEXUS programme is realised under a bilateral Agency Agreement between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and the Swedish National Space Board (SNSB). The Swedish share of the payload has been made available to students from other European countries through a collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA).

EuroLaunch, a cooperation between the Esrange Space Center of SSC and the Mobile Rocket Base (MORABA) of DLR, is responsible for the campaign management and operations of the launch vehicles. Experts from ESA, SSC and DLR provide technical support to the student teams throughout the project.

General Information

Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date BX21 launched October 7 at 09:31 UTC 2015
BX20 launched October 10 at 09:17 UTC
Customer Student programme


Experiment description
 BEXUS 20 Payload
HACORD High Altitude Codmic Ray Detector
-University of Antwerp, Belgium
COSPA Collection Of Stratospheric aerosol PArticles for a better understanding of the development of Polar Stratospheric Clouds
- TU Darmstadt, Germany
CPT-SCOPE Cosmic Partcile Telescope
- Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
- Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
- Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
- Beuth Hochschule für Technik Berlin, Germany


BEXUS 21 Payload
FREDE2015 FREon Decay Experiment
-University of Wroclaw, Poland
SPADE Smartphone Platform for Acquisition of Data Experiment
- Universidad de Sevilla, Spain
InTex INflatable TEXtile based antenna systems and structures
- TU Dresden, Germany

Read more aboute the experiment on: BEXUS- 20/21

Contact persons:

Alex Kinnaird, Eurolaunch (SSC) 
Natacha Callens, (ESA Education) 
Simon Mawn, (ZARM-FAB) 
 Kristine Dannenberg, (SNSB 
Read More: REXUS/BEXUS Website 
  Esa's website for REXUS BEXUS







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