The first French supersonic rocket developed by students since 1998 and the 20th rocket developed inside PERSEUS.

PERSUES is an initiative set up by the French Space Agency (CNES). The aim is to test innovations and promising technologies. To achieve this objective, students from University or High Engineering School (Frenchparticularity) are coordinating their efforts to build technology demonstrators. The long-term goal is a detailed preliminary project of a small launch vehicle able to put 10-kilogram nano-satellites in low-Earth orbit.
SERA1 was succesfully launched on May 7 at 13:00 UTC. The rocket reachead an altitude of approximately 5 km and the impact occurred within the A zone. The payload was recovered and back at Esrange at 14:37 UTC.

In order to achieve the 100 km suborbital flight goal, a new
series of rockets are currently under development called SERA (Supersonic
Experimental Rocket ARES).

The main objective is to validate technologies that allow flights at supersonic
speed and altitudes greater than 5 km.

SERA1 is a one-stage rocket propelled by a CESARONI PRO98-6G
Green3 commercial engine.

All the other parts of the rocket are made by students.

  • The lift off weight is 25,6 kg
  • The nominal apogee is 5,1 km with the ballistic impact 3 km from the launcher.


SSC is delivering the launch service for the SERA1 rocket campaign at Esrange Space Center.

General information
Launch site Esrange Space Center
Launch date May 2014
Customer CNES


Contact persons:
Mattias Abrahamsson, Project Manager (SSC)

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