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Esrange Space Center

Our Visitor Center next to the Esrange entrance gates is open during the summer months. At other times of the year it is open on request. Please contact

At the Visitor Center, which is usually unmanned, spontaneous visitors as well as invited guests can get an insight into our business and what is going on behind the Esrange gates.

The area inside the gates is unfortunately not open for the public. However, we can book larger groups on request. Please contact

Study visits for schools

We arrange tours from 9th grade. We can also take secondary school (high school) classes and college classes with scientific/technical focus. Dates for visits depend on the activities ongoing at Esrange Space Center.

For more information, please contact

Follow rocket and balloon launches

You can follow most rocket and balloon launches live from our live streaming web site:

For safety reasons no persons other than those working operationally may stay at Esrange during rocket and balloon launches.



Study visits

We take a limited number of college classes with scientific/technical focus.

For more information, contact 

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